Terms & Conditions/Privacy policy

ELITE tutors understand the importance and privacy of your personal information (contacts, address etc.). We will handle your information carefully. We will process it and keep it confidential from the public. The below mentioned states our privacy policy. By registering with ELITE tutors, you agree and adhere to the measures adopted in this policy.


  • A client is defined as a person who has contacted ELITE tutors via our contact infromation (contact numbers or contact forms) and has requested a tutor from ELITE tutors.


  • ELITE tutors will strive to ensure the accuracy and the validity of our tutors’ information. However, we cannot eliminate the chances of fraud from the tutors.


  • The rates mentioned under the section ‘ELITE tutor tuition fees’ are based on the market rate. It should be used as a reference and should not be used as a absolute tuition fee. 


  • ELITE tutors will try to ensure the rates quoted by the tutor is with accordance with the market rates. These rates are constantly reviewed and revised from time to time.


  • ELITE tutors clients have the right to request for the documentation of the educational qualification of our tutors.


  • As ELITE tutors try to ensure the accuracy of the educational qualification of our tutors, it will still be the client’s duty to check on the credibility of it.


  • Client can request for a change of tutor if the performance of the tutor is deemed below par. However, the client is still chargable, on a pro-rated basis for the number of completed lessons he/she has with the tutor.


  • Tuition fees agreed by both the tutor and the client in the first month of lessons being commenced, cannot be altered. Any change of tuition fee rates can only be done upon the completion of the first month lessons. ELITE tutors do not take responsibility of the tuition fees negotiation after the first month.


  • Any change of tuition fees is deemed unauthorized by ELITE tutors and should be reported back to our representatives.


  • ELITE tutors will charge a 50% commission on the first month tuition fees. First month tuition fees is derived from the total number of hours the client engage the tutor for tutoring service and the quoted hourly/monthly tuition fee.


  • ELITE tutors’ client should make payment to ELITE tutor of an amount at the end of the second week in the first month. This amount is derived from the multiplication of the agreed hourly tuition rate and the number of hours the client has engaged the tutor for the first two weeks. The rest of the outstanding amount should be paid to the tutor at the end of the fourth week of the first month.


  • ELITE tutors’ clients can make payment to ELITE tutor via ATM fund transfer. More modes of payment methods will be avaiable in the near future. Details of the payment instructions will be made know to the client once a tutor is being matched to the client.


  • ELITE tutors’ clients will be entitled to a 10% discount off the first month tuition fees, subject to completion of the agreed number of lessons within the first month. The 10% discount will be not eligible for the client if there is a change of tutor within the first month. However, the 10% discount is still applicable when the replacement tutor starts and completes the first month with the client. ELITE tutors reserves the right to terminate or amend the 10% discount to the client without any prior notice.


  • Registration as a tutor with ELITE tutors is at no cost.


  • ELITE tutor reserve the rights to reject the tutors’ application at any one point.


  • Tutors registering with ELITE tutors will have to ensure the accuracy of their educational background and tutoring experience. ELITE tutors and ELITE tutors’ clients have the rights to view the documentation of the tutors’ educational qualifications. Any tutor found cheating or any form of dishonesty, will have his/her profile and ban. Severe actions maybe taken from ELITE tutors.


  • Tutors should put in detailed description of their tutoring experience and educational qualification so as to ensure transparency in ELITE tutors’ system.


  • Details, address and contacts, of the client will only be made known to the tutor upon the confirmation of the tuition assignment from both the tutor and the client.


  • Tutors who failed to provide tutoring services to the client, will lead to ELITE tutors matching another tutor to the client, unless with valid reasons.  ELITE tutors do not condone irresponsibilty. ELITE tutos may ban or delete his/her respective profile. Cases are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


  • Tutors should be responsible with their own actions. Any disappropriate actions from the tutor will not be of ELITE tutors’ responsibilities.


  • ELITE tutors’ clients have the right to terminate any tutor services at any one point. Tutors will still be paid from any outstanding lessons. However, the time of payment is subject to the receipt of payment of the fees from the client to ELITE tutors.


  • If the assignment is cancelled, by the client, within the first month of commencement, tutor is paid 50% of fees deriving for the number of lessons completed. The time of payment is subject upon the receipt of payment from the client to ELITE tutors.


  • If the assignment is cancelled by the tutor, without any valid reasons, within the first month of commencement, the tutor will not be paid any amount irregardless of any number of lessons conducted. However, each case is being reviewed on a case by case basis. Tutors should well known his/her schedule before agreeing to any assignment. ELITE tutors do not condone such actions.


  • ELITE tutors will collect payment from the client  worth of 50% of the lessons conducted for the first month , at the second week. Tutors will recieve the outstanding fees at the fourth week, upon the completion of the first month lessons. ELITE tutors will no longer collect payments from the second month onwards. It will be the tutors’ duty to do so.


  • ELITE tutors will not be responsible for any unforseen events that rise during the course of the assignment.


  • ELITE tutors will not tolerate any attempts by the tutors to cheat, delay or refuse payments to ELITE tutors. Legal actions will be taken if necessary.


  • Tutors should uphold high levels of conducts during the tutoring. Inappropiate actions such as texting will be condone by ELITE tutors. Tutors will be solely responsible of their own actions and ELITE tutors will be be reliable for these inappropriate actions.


  • Bad review about the tutors from our clients will be taken into serious considertaion. Disciplinary actions, such as tutor being deleted from the database, may be taken.


  • When instances that clients diverted the tuition fees directly to the tutor, the tutor will have to be bank transfer to ELITE tutors within 5 working days. Details of the bank transfer will be made known to the tutors. Failure in doing so may result reporting the tutor to legal authorities.


www.elite-tutors.com is designed and provided by ELITE tutors. ELITE tutors will hold no responsiblity of any form of direct/indirect damages to any individual or group arising from the use of this website. ELITE tutors will try to ensure the quality of our tutors. However, ELITE tutors will not be responsible for any inappropriate acts by the tutors. ELITE tutors will not be liable for any damages/injuries arising from conflicts between the tutors and the clients.

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