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Name : Jason Lim
Age : 28
Gender : Male
Race : Chinese
Qualifications : Degree in Mechanical engineering (Nanyang Technological University) (Honours)
Current occupation : Full time tutor
Tutoring experience : 8 years






EDUSAVE Scholarships

Mathematics contests

 CCA Achievements

Leadership qualities


Integrated Programme(IP) mathematics
IGCSE Mathematics
High ability mathematics
PSLE mathematics
Lower Sec. Mathematics
O lvls Elementary Mathematics
O lvls Additional Mathematics


-EDUSAVE scholarship awards (top 10% of cohort) for 6 consecutive years.
-Distinction in University of New South Wales International Maths competition
-Participated in Primary Mathematics World Contest at Raffles institution in 1999


-EDUSAVE scholarship award (top 10% of cohort) for 4 consecutive years
-Credit in University of New South Wales International Science competition (2002)
-Zonal COLOURS award for excellence in CCA (1st award in 2003)


-Zonal COLOURS awards for excellence in CCA (2nd award in 2004, 3rd award in 2005)
-National COLOURS awards for excellence in CCA (1st award in 2004, 2nd award in 2005)
-EDUSAVE award for achievement, good leadership and service (EAGLES)


- Served for as an Infantry Officer (LTA)
- Recieved 4 letters of commendation in outstanding effort and exemplary attiude towards work

Personal writeup

I am a full time tutor with 7 years of tutoring experience in MATHEMATICS across Primary/Secondary/Integrated programme/International Baccalaureate(IGCSE) levels. I will be keen to work with you and provide 1-to-1 COMMITTED and DEDICATED tutoring to your child.

My tutoring style/methods are as follow.

I will ensure a strong foundation in the previous topics before i instill the different techniques used in problems solving. Techniques in problems solving are the main emphasis in each and very lesson. Identifying the different question types and applying the different techniques to these problems are my forte.

Currently, i have students from Top schools/GEP/High ability classes (Tao Nan/St hilda’s/Maha Bohdi/Red swatiska/Hwa Chong Instituition/Raffles Instituition). My students show significant improvements within a short period of time. My Testimonals can prove that.


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