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Education equips individuals with essential skills and knowledge to succeed in their profession and their lives.  There is a lot of knowledge to acquire and learning is a life long process. Education goes a long way. There is so much to learn but yet so little time. Hence, one needs to learn hard and smart. In other words, maximize each learning process. That is learning the most out of each session.

To learn effectively and efficiently, proper knowledge and teaching skills should be in place. Without these, wrong information may be instilled into the child and caused ineffective learning.  Hence, appropriate tutoring aid should be engaged if the above mentioned factors are absent.

ELITE tutors can aid you.



ELITE tutors is a premium tuition coordination agency which match ELITE tutors to students. We aim to outreach as many young future leaders as possible so that we can enrich their growing minds. And hence, empowering our future. We strive to provide the BEST tutoring experience to them and aid them to excellence in the future. We will create a conducive learning environment for them in which they will learn effectively and efficiently. With so much knowledge to acquire, no time can be lost. We aim for excellence and seek no compromise to learning standards.


We are a premium,excellent and service oriented agency which provide quality tuition matching services. Based on your requirements, we aim to match the best, most ideal tutor to your child. We believe in nurturing, enriching and empowering young growing minds. As education is one of the most important asset that any one can have, we hope to build that very essential asset in your child. We strive to bring the best service to you. Our aim is to match the most suitable tutor, based on your requirements, to empower your child to academic excellence.


We have width and depth in our tutors database. We have a vast amount of tutors, ranging from MOE teachers to undergraduate tutors. Our coordinators are service oriented, efficient and patient. In addition, our new customers will not pay a single cent and be entitled to a 10% discount off the first month fees. We will bring to you a value for money and a top notch service.





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